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"THE" Magic Capital Of The"World!


     Very few people in Michigan know it, but the town of Colon, down near the Indiana border, has become famous all over the world as the "Home of Hocus Pocus" where equipment and articles for magicians are manufactured for sale all over the universe, to amateur and professional magicians. For the past 75 years magic has been synonomous with Colon.

     We are proud to finally tell the complete story of Colon through this new website. Not only will you read stories about
magic and magicians who have visited but you will also be introduced to the folks who first settled here and how their ideas and vision helped develop this unique village. Within these pages you will see rare photographs and read stories told through the eyes of local residents. We take you a step back in time but also take a look into the future of this thriving community.

     Are you planning a trip? Why not visit the magic capitol of the world!
We have several websites that will enhance your upcoming visit
Colon Michigan Magic Festival
Magic Capitol Of The World
MagiCelebration Magic Festival

Read Joe Ganger's Hodge Podge articles on the "I've Got A Story!" page.

             Downtown Colon (ca 1906)                            South side of State Street (ca 1906)                

Carnival Days in Colon (ca 1906)                            Old Colon High School

Looking Back On Our Wonderful Village . . .











     View The Video of Colon's Historical Lakeside Cemetery



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